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Dolls & Pirates was involved (2012-2015) in interactive installations, hardware/software hacking and DIY projects. Our works challenged existent dynamics between new media technologies, people and social networks.
We mostly focused on real time data gathering expressing the immediacy and the "here and now" of social aspects of personal actions. Our projects united video, light, sound, generative visuals and coding.
Dolls & Pirates was formed by Giacomo Favaron and Paulina Stefanovic.



Interactive social installation commissioned by ELITA DESIGN WEEK 2013 in Milan.
A funny Twitter based way to let worldwide famous designers speak through people’s tweet.

A Twitter API was integrated within the projection allowing real time interaction directly from private smartphones.

Concept • Illustration • Animation • Code

// After Effects
// Quartz Composer
// Java Script


“ALL TOMORROWS' FOOD is an interactive data visualization installation.
Data's coming from and shows in a simple and prompt way how trends and preferences change during a survey campaign about Expo 2015 topic on sustainable feeding.
To realize it we started with buying a lot of beans, quite a lot, then we made the head sculpture.
The interaction with three fresh vegetables triggers three different visualizations of data.

Ad hoc constructed Touch sensor controls via Arduino the visualization.

The project was presented as part of the Digital Wall on Milan EXPO 2015

Developed with OPENSOURCE software and hardware

// Arduino
// Processing
// NodeBox


INFRAdata - What is DIGITAL stays DIGITAL

“Infra data”questions our constant presence in the web and the way we access information. Digital media can be converted by digital media only, and the whole installation plays upon the impossibility of coming back to reality.
“Infra data” is a matrix of infrared LED. The series of animations it produces are invisible to the human eye, and can be viewed only by using the infrared frequency of a smartphone camera.
This concept is comparable to AR, but it doesn’t imply the use of a purpose-made application.

The tracking system was made with MAX/MSP and a simple webcam to detect luma variations.
The infrared LED matrix was prototyped with Arduino.

// Arduino
// Max/Msp

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